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Love the flavours

The packaging is so minimal and pretty. I have tried making a cup using each flavour. Gotta say, I love them all. LOVE THE SUBTLE TASTE OF CARAMEL THE MOST THOUGH!


Just love all the flavors from countrybean. The Hazelnut flavor has all my love forever!!! Not a single day without the cup full of countrybean's flavored coffee in my hand is possible for me!!!!

Cafe like Coffee at Home

If you are looking for an amazing coffee experience at home just go for it!! The frother really does wonders, coffee flavours taste delicous (my fav Caramel), and everything thats claimed is being fulfilled without any doubt :) I' m hooked!


I'd been searching for a good hot chocolate, not too sweet but just the right amount of dark chocolate sweetness, not bitterness..and I've finally found it. The buttons make it even better. Worth the purchase!

Starter Coffee Bundle
Sandeep Kumar
Excellant coffee

100%satisfies and recommended to my colleague

Tastes like a yummy cup of nutella infused coffee haha❤️ The aroma is perfect and so is the taste. I wish the quantity was a little more for the price, but still a great buy!

Craftsmanship at its best.

I loved the sleeve function of it. The lid used is organic i say ( bamboo) with borosilicate glass. Its just works fine &am already using it in daily life. Thanka for such quality . I am glad Indian companies are now working like MNCs ..& delivering the same.

Sturdy plunger & great Hazelnut flavour

I turned vegan three months ago and while the transition from cow's milk to soy/almond milk has been surprisingly smooth, I was looking for a way to further tone down the flavour of the 'new' milk. The plunger does this very nicely as the frothy bit distracts suitably and the Hazelnut coffee is very flavourful and delicious. I did post this as an Insta story but am not sure if you picked it up. I am looking forward to trying your other coffees.

Happy with the purchase

All the flavours are really good! Love them all.

Hazelnut Instant Coffee
Preeti Tambade
The best !

I am in love with Hazelnut. No other coffee can match the taste of this.

Really awesome taste.. will order more

The taste is really good and the smell is just awesome .. perfection I would say.. and got to taste the hot chocolate as well.. that’s from another world .. perfect for person lik me.. calorie conscious/counter lol..


Best coffee I've had in a while.

Amazing flavoured coffee

I've tried Hazelnut, coco mint and vanilla flavours, and all are so good.
Pesonally I loved Hazelnut and Coco mint flavours❤️they just refresh the mood so well and the taste is just yummmmmmmmmm😌💖

best coffee ever

smoooth, aromatic , great taste , best coffee ever

This is my till date most favorite Vanilla Latte

Very happy to avail this combo offer of milk frother and vanillacoffee flavour from CountryBean Coffee
I'm very choosy about my coffee, and love the ones served in cafe for their flavor and frothiness. Now I will create my own cuppa exclusively my style with this frother and vanilla coffee flavor. ❤

Hazelnut and Vanilla Instant Coffee
Pramod Kumar
Authentic and delicious

This coffee is real without sugar and preservatives. Country bean has option of different flavours like Hazelnut(my favorite), vanilla.. The customer service is commendable!

Caramel: Spot on

I got the one in caramel and I'm never going back. The best coffee in India.❤️

Starbucks at home!

One of the most amazing things I’ve ever treated myself with has got to be this coffee. I’m not the one to write reviews for anything and honestly I’m only doing it because everyone deserves to get their hands on this coffee. It’s rich aroma, strong hazelnut taste, and even stronger boost that you get after you’ve had this coffee are few of the many reasons why one NEEDS to purchase this coffee. I like my coffee right before I sit for studying, and I top my coffee with Vanilla Ice Cream and Butter Biscuits or Oreo, it tastes like heaven. If you’re still wondering whether or not you should purchase this, please please do yourself a favour and treat yourself with this.

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A nice frothy coffee whenever you just want to grab at home

Simply worth it for small pleasures of life!

Really good product.

You may look at this product to be on pricey side but it's worth it on the long run. I myself had brought so many frother hand held shaker ones and these vessel type ones also. but none give that thick rich foamy milk of any cafe......
I'm not saying it'd give you result same as industrial grade cafe frother, but it as close as one can get to that at home!!

May the froth be with you

I recd the milk frother the next day of finishing the star wars series, the carton wished, may the froth be with me. To be honest, I am hooked, from the day I recd it, I have been using the frother everyday. Coffee tastes better, the feel of sipping through the froth with the cinnamon dusting (again my obsession), love it!! Transformed my morning cuppa completely 🤩

Only if u love coffee

No matter how much I try, I couldn't get foam on coffee like we get in cafes. But those days are gone now. With milk frother bbye bye cafes .. my coffee is now on another level ..

Vanilla Instant Coffee
Shashwati Majumder
It's a new try for me

Yesterday I bought a milk frother and a jar of Vanilla flavour coffee ( from Amazon). But I'm writing the review here. It's the first time I'm drinking a flavoured coffee and I am really liking it. It's a nice blend of coffee and vanilla. And whoa! the vanilla flavour cuts the bitterness of coffee as I am drinking it without sugar, though I'm a sweet tooth person. I must try a black coffee too. ( Though I don't like black coffee because of its bitterness 😑 )

Milk frother makes the hot milk into froth easily. But I couldn't make a professional latte art 😭😭 because the bubbles of froth were bigger.

Con : both the frother and the coffee are a lil bit costly. 😏😏

The most encouraging thing about country bean for me is the manufacturer is from Howrah and I am from Kolkata. So as a Bangali I wish good luck for the team. ❤️☺️

Vanilla and Caramel Instant Coffee
Snigdha Prasad
Loved it!

Being a huge coffee fan i am very particular about my coffee and how it smells and how it tastes and hats off to country bean coffee, i am in total love with this coffee. I tried caramel and vanila and i am planning on ordering berry and hazelnut next. Totally worth it. The aroma associated with all the exclusive flavours are so lovely.