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Vanilla Instant Coffee 50g

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Our instant vanilla coffee is made of 100% single-origin Arabica beans that have been roasted and ground to perfection. Then through the freeze-drying method, the liquid is forced out of the beans leaving tasty and aromatic coffee granules. The granules dissolve easily when mixed with water to create a great cup of flavoured coffee powder. Pure, smooth, and creamy with a hint of sweetness, our vanilla coffee powder is a flavour not to miss. Its smooth aftertaste and rich aroma leave you wanting more even after the last cup.


  • Contains : 100% premium freeze-dried arabica; no chicory
  • No added sugar
  • No artificial additives
  • Shelf life : 18 months
  • Pure freeze-dried coffee granules, added natural and nature identical flavours

Customer Reviews

Based on 464 reviews
Shasvitha Kumar
I'm caFINE

totally loved the cold coffee i made using country bean's vanilla instant coffee <3

Most amazing instant coffee

I fell in love with this brand since I discovered it last year. It's strong, aromatic and hits you right with caffeine kick you deserve. And makes the most tastiest funky cafe like coffees at home.All you need is try any flavor and start practising. Trust me you would go crazy. 😍

Shubham Sharma
The taste and the fregnence

Love the coffee wish to try another flavour

Mehuli De

Best coffee I have ever had

Shashwati Majumder
It's a new try for me

Yesterday I bought a milk frother and a jar of Vanilla flavour coffee ( from Amazon). But I'm writing the review here. It's the first time I'm drinking a flavoured coffee and I am really liking it. It's a nice blend of coffee and vanilla. And whoa! the vanilla flavour cuts the bitterness of coffee as I am drinking it without sugar, though I'm a sweet tooth person. I must try a black coffee too. ( Though I don't like black coffee because of its bitterness 😑 )

Milk frother makes the hot milk into froth easily. But I couldn't make a professional latte art 😭😭 because the bubbles of froth were bigger.

Con : both the frother and the coffee are a lil bit costly. 😏😏

The most encouraging thing about country bean for me is the manufacturer is from Howrah and I am from Kolkata. So as a Bangali I wish good luck for the team. ❤️☺️