Our Story

Country Bean will help you make cafe-like coffee at home. Be it a short break from work, or conversations with friends, we have flavours for all occasions..

Our mission is to help our community experience joy in life's simple pleasures one cup at a time. Slow down, relax and savour the moment. 

Hi, I’m Aditi - Here’s My Story

Aditi - Country Bean

I love coffee. After graduating from college, I travelled around the world in search for the perfect cup of coffee and was left in awe at the variety of options out there.

When I started my first job, I found solace in coffee breaks at my favourite cafe. Few pleasures matched up to the magical experience of sipping on a hazelnut latte - it was an emotion I relished. Having spent a large portion of my pay cheques on excellent but overpriced coffee, I tried various options to recreate the experience at home. But found that something was missing and was always left uninspired.

I just wanted something that was delicious, easy-to-make and didn’t contain sugar. So I made my own - Country Bean. We’ve blended the highest quality coffee with flavourful love to provide a cafe-like experience at home. Country Bean has brought joy to my daily coffee ritual. We are so proud of what we have created and can’t wait to share this experience with you.

Made with ❤️  in India

Say hello at aditi@countrybean.in