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Say hello to India's most beautiful Drinkware. Sip in style wherever you go or enjoy a cafe-like experience at home. Perfect for coffee and other beverages.

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  • "Country Bean does instant coffee like none other."

  • "Flavour bomb. The pretty packaging helps too."

  • "Often tastes better than the offerings of International chains."

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Our Story

As a creative professional, I used to live on coffee. But the coffee at home left me dull and uninspired. And cafes were overpriced for daily use.

I just wanted something that was delicious, easy and didn’t cost a fortune. So we blended the highest quality coffee with flavourful love and called it Country Bean. It has brought joy to my daily coffee ritual and I can’t wait to share it with you.

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  • "I tried their vanilla flavour. It tastes just like the vanilla latte."

    - Kritika Khurana (@thatbohogirl)

  • "There are days where you just wish for something good and this coffee is my companion."

    - Manthan Shah

  • "I have tried vanilla and hazelnut. If you have never tried them before you'll love them."

    - Ronak Jain

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Meet the perfect coffee

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Make cafe-like coffee at home

Instant Coffee: We’re the internet’s favorite instant coffee and the makers of India’s first flavoured coffee. Our coffee powder is available in 6 different flavours – hazelnut coffee, caramel coffee, vanilla coffee, original coffee, berry coffee, and cocoa mint coffee. It is made with 100% freeze-dried arabica and contains nature-identical flavoring. It also contains no added sugar or any artificial additives. Our instant coffee is vegan, gluten-free, packed with natural flavours. It is smooth, strong, and makes the perfect cup of coffee.

Milk Frother: Meet our Award-winning Milk Frother. Get a rich, creamy froth layer with our manual handheld milk frother. It's made with stainless steel, super durable and requires no running cost. Make cafe-like cappuccinos and lattes with Country Bean's milk frother from the comfort of your home.

Hot Chocolate: Say hello to India’s most sinful hot chocolate. Our hot chocolate powder contains 60% less sugar than other drinking chocolate brands. Made with rich cocoa powder, blended with dark chocolate buttons, it’s the best hot chocolate you’ve ever tasted. We have 2 different flavours of mocha and peppermint hot chocolate as well. Blended with dark chocolate buttons, you’ll never come across any other hot chocolate powder like ours. These buttons melt to give your hot chocolate a rich, creamy texture.

Coffee Spreads: Meet India’s first coffee spread. It’s the smoothest spread for bread, cookies, desserts, and anything you like! Our coffee spreads are made with real coffee and spread like butter. You may have outgrown the overly sweet chocolate spreads, but our coffee spreads are unlike anything you’ve had before. Available in two incredible flavours - hazelnut coffee spread and dalgona coffee spread. Make your snack breaks tastier with Country Bean’s coffee spreads.

Filter Coffee: Say hi to India’s first flavoured filter coffee. Now make filter coffee at home easily with Country Bean’s hazelnut, vanilla, and original flavoured filter coffee decoction. All you have to do is pour the liquid filter coffee add milk/water, stir and enjoy. It’s the easiest way to make the perfect cup of filter coffee at home. Just 1 tbsp of the liquid coffee decoction is enough to make a delicious cup of filter coffee.

Drinkware: Our Nordic drinkware collection consists of our chic glass tumblers and minimalistic flasks. Our drinkware also has our signature coffee mugs that you can buy online. Our Signature mugs are perfect for gifting as well. Good coffee should be enjoyed in a beautiful coffee mug.

Gifting: Country Bean's coffee gift sets contain a wide range of options like Wisteria, Marigold and Iris coffee gift box. It’s perfect for every coffee lover in your life. Our coffee gift sets have something for everyone. We have a range of coffee assortment gifts for you to choose from.