2 ingredients hazelnut mocha

2 ingredients hazelnut mocha

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We all love a tall glass of cold hazelnut mocha or a luscious warm of hazelnut mocha. Be it in the middle of the day, post a tiring day of work or in the morning itself.

Believe it or not, this delicious drink requires ONLY 2 ingredients.


2 tbsp Country Bean Hazelnut Latte Spread

1 cup chilled or warm milk

6-7 cubes of ice (optional, if making cold version)


Take 2 heaped spoons of the spread into a blender and add in 2-3 tbsps of milk.
(If you do not have a blender, you could use a small bowl)

Give this a good blend/mix to ensure the spread dissolves in the milk.

Now add in the remaining milk and ice cubes(if preparing cold) and blend it for 45 seconds atleast.

For preparing a hot mocha, you could either add plain hot milk to the spread mixture or to make your mocha "cafe-like" you could froth your milk and add it to the spread mixture. 

Once your mocha is prepared, you could serve it a glass/cup decorated with Country Bean spread for some extra indulgence. 

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