5 coffee myths BUSTED

5 coffee myths BUSTED

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There's a lot of talk on the benefits and myths of coffee. While most are true, there are some coffee myths that are just that - myths! So let's find out...

Coffee causes insomnia

NO! The impact of caffeine fades away much faster than you think - in just about 4-6 hours. So if you’re not getting sleep at night, you can’t blame coffee (unless, you’re consuming it right before sleeping).

Coffee sobers you up

Absolutely not! Chugging coffee after a night out is sure to NOT cure your hangover. Coffee only helps in recovery of damage caused to your liver by alcohol consumption.

Coffee can be addictive

Unfortunately, no. Caffeine withdrawal could lead to making you sleepy or even give you a headache, but coffee wouldn’t threaten your physical or social health like other addictive drugs do.

Coffee stunts growth

Not true! Many people believe that caffeine can lead to hinderance of bone growth and even stunt your growth. But, you’re not to worry, as coffee does not affect your growth.

Coffee is bad for health

Well, anything in excess is bad for health. Coffee has been proven to have many benefits. Consuming coffee in moderate amounts is absolutely fine, and is not going to cause you any harm. Just don't overdo it :)

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