An Americano is different from a Long Black - did you know?

An Americano is different from a Long Black - did you know?

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Not all coffee drinkers are aware of the fact that an Americano and a Long black are two different espresso-based beverages. It can be hard to distinguish between the two, since they're both similar in appearance and they both have rich, complex flavours. Both beverages are made using the same ingredients - water and espresso shots. 

Anyone who happens to be a fan of black coffee must try both - an americano, as well as a long black. The key difference between the two lies in what you pour first. Another difference lies in the ratio of espresso to water between the two beverages. 

An Americano is one of the most popular espresso drinks that is made with espresso diluted in water. Quite ironically, the Americano was invented in Italy and Café Americano translates to "American coffee" in Italian. The idea behind this beverage is that the Americano was made for specifically for Americans because Italian espresso was too strong. Watering down the espresso was more palatable to the American tastebuds and made it taste more like coffee. 

To make an Americano, the espresso is first poured into the cup, followed by the water. In doing so, it creates two layers with a small amount of cream swirling in between them. If the espresso and water are not poured in this order, then it cannot be called an americano. An Americano can also be made with ristretto which happens to be a different form of espresso. 

A Long black is an espresso drink that was first made in Australia and New Zealand. The theory is that like an Americano, the long black was invented to appeal to the coffee preferences of American tourists. However, this drink is popular among the locals as well due to its smooth taste. 

The Long Black is made by pouring hot water first into the cup, followed by espresso. This in turn creates 2 separate layers, with the frothy crema of the espresso that stays mostly on top. A Long Black can also be made with a ristretto. 

A Long Black is stronger than an Americano because of the espresso that stays on top. There is also a difference in taste because the water and espresso are not as mixed as an Americano, where the water is added after the espresso. Some black coffee drinkers like the stronger taste of Long Black without the bite that a full espresso shot has. 

Making espresso at home for your Americano and Long Black - 

You can easily make your own espresso at home with instant coffee in 2 easy steps. Just add 1-2 tsp of your flavoured instant coffee to a cup. Add boiling water to the coffee and stir it until is dissolves. Your espresso will will be ready!

Americano vs Long Black : Which should you choose?

If you are a black coffee drinker, but are not too fond of the bitter taste that follows each sip, then an Americano would be perfect for you. However, if you enjoy, a smooth, strong cup of black coffee, then a Long Black would be a better bet for you. One of the many ways to enjoy your black coffee is to use flavoured coffee. You could try making black coffee with vanilla coffee or caramel coffee, which gives it a nice aroma, as well as a smooth aftertaste. For a more regular cup of black coffee you could try making it with hazelnut coffee. If you want to experiment a little more with the flavours in your black coffee, then you could always try the berry flavour or the cocoa mint coffee. If you enjoy your black coffee without any flavours, then you could just used our non-flavoured Original instant coffee for a strong, bold flavour. 

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