Mexican Spiced Mocha - Where spice meets coffee

Mexican Spiced Mocha - Where spice meets coffee

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Spiced Coffee? Yes. Spiced Mocha? Double Yes! Start your weekend with this delicious Mexican spiced mocha. It’s spicy, sweet, smooth and will take you back to Mexico. Coffee meets chocolate in this special winter delight!


For the Espresso Shot - 

30ml lukewarm water

1 tbsp of Country Bean Hazelnut Coffee

For the Mexican Spiced Mocha -

2 tbsp Chocolate Sauce

Pinch of Cinnamon

Pinch of Red Chilli

1 cup Milk

Some Cocoa Powder


For Espresso Shot:

-Take 30 ml lukewarm water and add 1 tbsp of Country Bean Hazelnut coffee.

-Mix well using a milk frother for few secs. 

For the Mexican Spiced Mocha:

-In a glass, add 2tbsp chocolate sauce!

-Mix a pinch of cinnamon and red chilli.

-Froth hot sweetened milk in Country Bean Milk Frother for 20 seconds.

-Pour in the frothy milk. 

-Add Espresso made with Country Bean Hazelnut coffee and water.

-Dust with some cocoa powder and enjoy!

Credits - @butter.street

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