Shh...the secret to getting that perfectly frothy coffee in minutes, revealed

Shh...the secret to getting that perfectly frothy coffee in minutes, revealed

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A cup of coffee really does make the world go round. The joy-inducing beverage has a lot going for it, but the bit we love most about a cafe is the frothy top that comes with nearly every coffee cup we order. So why not create the same experience at home? We’ll tell you how!


We’re referring, of course, to the foamy, frothy goodness that accompanies every Espresso, Latte, Mocha, and Breve. Yes, the amount of milk foam used in each of these beverages is different, but the end goal is the same - to brew a cup of coffee that puts a smile on our faces even before we take the first sip.                                                                             

American coffee houses introduced an espresso version of the traditional French café au lait, the caffe latte using steamed milk topped with a flat, thin layer of froth.

Coffee with foam on top is popular because, well, we love it, and also because it is much creamier and lighter.

A coffee frother has one purpose. To make your coffee look and taste creamy. What’s more, it is the very ingredient that helps make your coffee at a Starbucks look gorgeous, too.

Yep, a barista uses a coffee machine, a coffee frother, plus decoction, plus skill, to make those Instagram-worthy designs possible, from a fern leaf to Po the Panda. You can now recreate these results at home with Country Bean’s Milk Frother.

The thick foamed frothing coffee isn’t just poured into cups, but you can have fun scooping it up with spoons and spatulas.

The simple act of frothing milk transforms your plain coffee into an exciting cup of beverage.  Learn the art of steaming and frothing milk in the comfort of your kitchen using our milk frother and create your own creative coffee drink recipes!

Award-winning Milk Frother

Award-winning Milk Frother

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