7 hacks on how to make instant coffee better

7 hacks on how to make instant coffee better

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Here at Country Bean, we have managed to develop India’s first flavoured instant coffee and it’s

about time we tell you all the secrets behind making the perfect café life cuppa at home! We get

tons of questions daily on how to make the perfect cup of coffee, so here we are sharing 7 hacks on

making the best instant coffee at home. Instant coffee is the perfect option for anyone with a busy

lifestyle and no access to a coffee maker, which are honestly expensive and pretty complicated to


Fresh Water 

Always make sure to heat your water right before preparing your coffee. You’ll be surprised to know,

but the use of freshwater has a huge impact on the end result.

Make Best Instant Coffee at Home

Water-to-coffee ratio

Everyone has different preferences for the strength of coffee they like to consume. According to us,

1 heaped tsp of Country Bean’s flavoured instant coffee is sufficient for 1 cup of coffee (220 ml).

Now, if you like to add milk to your coffee, you may vary the proportion of water.

Milk (optional) 

For people who like to add milk to their coffee, we always recommend frothing your milk right

before adding it to your office to ensure the café-like foamy texture. Frothing your milk makes the

coffee light and creamy.

Make Best Frothy Instant Coffee at Home


If you’re still not satisfied with the frothy texture of the milk. You can always add half milk and half

cream. Adding some cream to your coffee makes it richer and gives it a silky texture which makes it

more indulgent and satisfying to drink. The creaminess of your coffee also depends on the type of

milk you use. Full-fat milk would give you a creamier coffee and a thicker froth. You could choose the

milk you wish to add based on dietary and coffee preferences.


While our coffee contains no form of added sugar, you could add any form of sugar you like to add a

sweet note to your coffee. Our only recommendation for it would be to add the sweetener when

your coffee is hot to ensure that the sugar melts in and does not form a grainy layer at the bottom of

the mug. When it comes to sweeteners, the options are endless. You could use sugar, demerara

sugar, or brown sugar. If you’re looking for healthier options you could even go for jaggery, stevia,

coconut sugar, agave, etc. In case you’re looking to make cold instant coffee, we would recommend

mixing your sugar with the water and coffee mixture and giving it a good mix before adding any form

of dairy. One can even use a blender for this process to attain an extremely creamy end result.


If you are making instant coffee for you to take along with you, simply store it in an air-tight

container. This ensures to keep out any type of air or moisture from the coffee thereby the coffee

remains fresh for a longer period of time.

Your coffee mug

Sounds strange, but your coffee mug has an important role to play in the final taste of your coffee.

We believe that coffee always tastes better in Bone China or Ceramic mugs. They tend to keep your

drink warm for a longer period of time and have a feel-good touch to it! The best practice is to stick

to one coffee mug itself. This ensures that you get the perfect measurements always. You

automatically get the idea of the perfect quantity of coffee required for 1 cup of coffee and how

much water and milk you must add.

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