Butterscotch Iced Coffee in a minute

Butterscotch Iced Coffee in a minute

1 minute read

The perfect Saturday evening upgrade for your coffee - Butterscotch Iced Coffee. Enjoy your Saturdays at home with this perfect iced coffee recipe that you need to try at home. Filled with delightful butterscotch flavour, it tastes great and will definitely leave your sweet tooth wanting for more. This is just the perfect drink for all the butterscotch lovers out there. 

The amazing part? It will just take a minute of your time to make!


2 tsp Country Bean Caramel Coffee

3 scoops butterscotch ice cream

1 ice cream cone



-In a glass, add 2tsp Country Bean Caramel Coffee and some hot milk. Mix it well.

-In a mason glass/jar, add two scoops of butterscotch ice cream and the coffee mix. Shake it!

-Now, in another cup, add the shaken coffee mix. Add some ice cubes and pour in some iced milk.

-Top with a scoop of butterscotch ice cream and an ice cream cone of your choice.


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