Ways you're messing up your iced coffee

Ways you're messing up your iced coffee

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It's hot out there. Like REALLY hot. And the only thing that could possibly make it worse, is the thought of drinking hot coffee in this heat. An iced coffee is the ultimate summer treat, and it's just what you need to get through the sweltering heat. It's no secret that many of us drink iced coffee all year round - but there are so many ways that you could be messing up your favourite summer drink. 

Even if you're a coffee aficionado, you could be making these mistakes. The good news is, we're pretty good at doing our research and we've discovered some incredible hacks that would make even the most devoted hot coffee drinkers turn to chilled iced coffees. So here are some of the ways that you're probably messing up your iced coffee (and how you can fix it): 

  1. You're not making coffee flavour ice cubes - Instead of using regular ice cubes for your coffee, try using coffee ice cubes instead. The best thing about using coffee flavour ice cubes is that, when it melts, instead of diluting your coffee, it's going to add flavour. We made caramel coffee ice cubes with vanilla cream, because we were tired of drinking watered down iced coffee. 

  2. You're pouring hot coffee over ice - When you pour hot coffee over ice, it melts more rapidly because of the temperature of the liquid. This waters down your coffee further and destroys the flavour. Our advice? Don't do it. Prepare your coffee the night before and refrigerate it. 

  3. You're not flavouring it - While it's universally agreed that iced coffee is great on its own, that doesn't mean that it can't be better. Try adding some chocolate or caramel sauce, or even a dash of cinnamon or vanilla to your drink. If you're not to keen on any add-ons, then you can always use flavoured coffee like hazelnut coffee, vanilla coffee, caramel coffee, berry coffee or cocoa mint coffee for a little something extra in your coffee. 

  4. Your sugar hasn't dissolved - We all enjoy an iced black coffee but sometimes you want something on the sweeter side. However, when your coffee is too cold, more often than not the sugar will not dissolve, leaving you with a grainy, unbalanced drink. To make the perfect iced blended coffee, we recommend making your own simple sugar syrup that you can use whenever you like. You could also sweeten your coffee while it's still hot to make sure the sugar dissolves, and then refrigerate it afterwards. 

  5. You're using the wrong water - When making an iced coffee, many of us focus on the quality of the coffee being used. Since coffee is mostly made with water, it makes sense that the right filtered water will make a difference in taste. More often than not, people don't use filtered water which tends to hamper the flavour of your coffee. 

  6. You think making an iced coffee takes too long - If you're short on time or don't have the patience to make your coffee beforehand, that's okay! We totally get it. Instead, just go ahead make your hot coffee like you normally do. Add your ice cubes and fresh coffee to a cocktail shaker, and shake it. Transfer your chilled coffee to a glass or tumbler, add some more ice to keep it cool while you sip. 

  7. You're still buying your iced coffee - People spend way too much money on buying watered down iced coffee instead of making their own at home. Make your own coffee at home, and sip it straight out of a chic glass tumbler wherever you go. 

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