Find out what a dash of alcohol in your coffee tastes like!

Find out what a dash of alcohol in your coffee tastes like!

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What happens when you want whisky and coffee at the same time? You make a cocktail out of it! Here’s a smooth and boozy recipe to get your Saturday night started on the right note.


30ml Bourbon Whiskey

30ml Bailey’s Chocolate Luxe

60ml Country Bean Vanilla Espresso 

(To Make your Vanilla Espresso add 1 tsp of coffee to 60ml of water)




Vanilla extract

Coffee beans/cinnamon stick


  • In a cocktail glass add the Bourbon Whiskey, Baileys, Country Bean Vanilla Espresso and tons of ice. Give it all a good stir.
  • Add in your Vanilla milk (a mixture of milk, vanilla extract and sugar)
  • Top with a cinnamon stick or coffee beans and enjoy!

This cocktail is sure to make you want more.

Recipe and Video credits: @confusedbychoice

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