How to make strong coffee at home?

How to make strong coffee at home?

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Instant coffee is a great way to make a quick cup of coffee at home, but it's also an easy way to make a delicious and strong cup of coffee. If you take your time and follow a few simple steps, you can make a strong cup of coffee that will rival any cup from your favorite café. If you want to know how to make strong coffee at home, then the best way to do that is to use instant coffee.

Instant coffee is usually made from beans that were roasted and ground just before they were packaged. Instant coffee has a stronger flavor than brewed coffee because it contains more caffeine. At Country Bean we have flavoured instant coffee like vanilla, caramel and hazelnut among others, which makes your cup of coffee strong and flavourful.


To begin, add 1 ½ cups of water to a saucepan and boil it well.

Let the water boil till you are left with approximately 1 cup of water.

To your coffee mug, add 2 tablespoons of Country Bean instant coffee powder. 

Add a tablespoon of water to your coffee and mix it well.

Add the rest of the hot water to it and mix well.

Your strong cup of black coffee is now ready!

Pro Tips

Adjust your water to coffee ratio - For a regular cup of coffee, the recommended ratio is 2 tablespoons of coffee to 1 cup of water. However, if you want a stronger cup of coffee, you will have to increase the amount of coffee while keeping the quantity of the water the same. 

Use a blend - The type of coffee bean you use will determine the flavor and strength of your coffee. Arabica and robusta both come from the coffee plant, but they differ greatly in taste, texture and caffeine levels. Instead of using a blend that is 100% robusta or a 100% arabica, we would recommend using a blend of arabica and robusta so that you can enjoy the full flavour of the coffee without any of the bitterness.

Use hot water - The hotter the water, the stronger your cup of coffee will be. You must be wondering how that works. The flavour of the coffee gets extracted a lot more quickly when the water is hot, giving your cup an extra kick. 

For flavoured coffee - If you want your coffee to have a distinctive flavour, you can try using Country Bean’s vanilla or hazelnut instant coffee flavours. 

Adding sugar -Add sugar to your coffee according to your preference.

For milk coffee - If you prefer adding milk to your coffee, then you can easily switch the water with milk. You might have to adjust the amount of coffee, depending on how strong you like your coffee to be. 

You can always use whole beans and grind it yourself at home to make a strong brew for yourself. However, using instant coffee saves you a lot of time without compromising on the strength of your coffee. For people who do not have a coffee machine at home, instant coffee serves as their saviour. Most people don't have good coffee makers at home, so they settle for whatever strength their coffee maker produces. Most coffee makers produce weak coffee. The way to increase its strength is to use more coffee, but that is inconvenient and wasteful.

Instant coffee solves the problem. It makes it easy to make strong coffee without wasting much money or creating too much hassle. Furthermore, because instant coffees are manufactured with the expectation that they will be dissolved in boiling water, they mix better with hot water than regular ground coffees do. The result is that you can dissolve more of an instant-coffee powder in a cup of hot water than you can dissolve in cold water; or put another way, if you mix the same amount of water and powder together and then heat them, the mixture will be stronger than it was before you heated it. If you try this with regular ground coffee, it will be weaker.


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