Classic Vanilla Latte for every mood!

Classic Vanilla Latte for every mood!

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Some days you just want to enjoy a simple latte and there's nothing better than a delicious warming cup of cozy vanilla latte.

Ingredients & Equipment

1 tbsp Country Bean Vanilla coffee

2 tbsp water

1 cup hot milk

1 tbsp chocolate sauce

Country Bean Milk Frother


Pour some hot milk in the Milk Frother and plunge the frother for 10-12 seconds until the milk is frothy.                                                                                                     

In a cup pour chocolate sauce and espresso shot (to make the espresso shot simply combine the coffee and water)

Slowly pour in the frothy milk.                                                                                     

Sprinkle some coffee powder for great taste.

This drink is sure to warm your soul and you'll want to savour every sip!

Pro Tips

One could swap vanilla flavoured coffee with any other flavoured coffee to make a delicious cup of latte.

The chocolate sauce could be swapped with some caramel sauce as well. 

You could skip the chocolate sauce too and add a small spoon of sugar instead.

Recipe & Video credits:@mouldingdough

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