Dirty Chai Latte - The best of both worlds

Dirty Chai Latte - The best of both worlds

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Want to bring a little holiday joy into your kitchen? Dirty Chai Latte is here, making us full of holiday cheer! It's a chai latte in a mug that has a shot of espresso, the best warm-spiced flavour chai and frothy foam top.

Let us put an end to the never ending battle of what is better - coffee or tea. Finally a drink to unite both coffee & tea lovers - the best of both worlds!


Some Chai Powder

2tsp Country Bean Original Coffee




-In a glass add some chai powder, 2tsp Country Bean Bold Coffee, sugar as per taste.

-Now add, warm water and mix well.

-Take Country Bean Milk Frother and add boiling hot milk to it. Plunge it 10-20 times until frothy.

-Now, in a separate glass, add some ice cubes and then the chai-coffee concoction.

-Lastly, pour in the frothy milk to the glass, stir well and enjoy!

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